Never forget important
occasions or information again!

Download Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note will make sure you never forget or lose valuable information ever again! Create and edit notes, save web pages, customize screenshots — and instantly share them with your friends and coworkers. Your important information follows you everywhere you go for instant access anytime, anywhere.

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Capture anything

Find a great cake recipe and want to save it?
Making plans for a trip? Need to jot down
an important thought or idea? Nimbus Note allows
you to save any information that is important to you,
and have access to it any time!


Share with all

Want to share a saved recipe with your mum?
Need to quickly share your school work
with your teacher or professor? There are
many times you need to quickly share information
or files with others, and Nimbus Note
will always be there to help!

Access anywhere

Nimbus Note is available on a variety of devices (PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone),
which means you always have access to your information no matter where you are.
Better yet, no Internet connection is needed for Nimbus Note
to work, so your notes will be available to you offline without costing you any extra fees!